We the Parents have a God given right to parent our children. This is not a right any government can take away.


CPS is out of control. While they can do some good, the vast majority of the time children are ripped from loving homes, or children that truly need to be removed from a dangerous homeTexas needs to abolish CPS and go back to police handling child neglect and abuse cases. The judges, cps attorneys and the entire system is very corrupt. This must end.

Parenting as we see fit

No two sets of parents will agree on every detail of raising children. Nowadays many in the medical profession and the schools have a God complex and report families to CPS if they do not agree with the parents choices. Enough is enough! We the Parents have the right to raise our families as we see fit.

What are We the Parents all about…

We the Parents are a coalition of Texans securing the blessings of liberty. We the Parents believe parents have the God given right to parent their children without government overreach. We the Parents believe parental rights are the foundation of liberty, we actively engage in the political process to insure those liberties are protected.

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